•  O&M Manuals, H&S Files, Building User Guides, Homeowner Manuals  

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•  Main Contractor, M&E and subcontractor Manuals  

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  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Health and Safety Files, Building User Guides, Homeowner Manuals and other handover documentation
  • All jobs customised to meet the client requirements
  • Residential and Commercial documentation

We produce high quality, cost effective printable and digital O&M Manuals and other handover documentation for clients of all sizes.

•   Your company designs featured on the manuals and media
•   Full printed and electronic O&M Manual production service
•   BIM ready
•   Autorun CDs / DVDs featuring your company branding
•   Template documents made to order for you to use
•   On-line manual archive service
•   3rd party O&M database systems catered for
•   Rewriting or finishing incomplete or existing Manuals
•   Conversion of paper O&M manuals to electronic format

Please have a look at our pricing page or for a better idea of costs, ring 01580 240431

Other related services include:
•   On line, web-accessible O&M Manuals
•   Conversion of existing printed docs to electronic format

Recent News

Spring 2018: New website coming. Our trusty old one has done us well for well over a decade but really is looking very old now so it's time to bring it up to date. Watch this space!

April 2018: Interesting new jobs include a couple of far sighted clients who have realised that their historical O&M infomration was in a terrible state and that they are better off sorting it out now than turning a blind eye and waiting another year or two until it's really, really bad.

February 2018: Ok. So it's been ages since the last news item. That's because we're extremely busy.

April 2017: A lot of old clients are coming back after a period of absence. We don't know why they didn't use us for a while or why they have come back now but it's nice to see, whatever the reasons. We must be doing something right.