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O&M Manuals / H&S Files : Call us on 01580 240431
or email info@oandmit.co.uk

How we work:

We gather basic job information from our client and based on this we issue a quotation... more info

In the case of new clients, we agree with them what their O&M Manual(s) should contain and design a template with their company branding based around the agreed layout. This becomes their generic template and will be used as a starting point for all their Operation & Maintenance Manuals. Then for each job we customise this template to meet the requirements of that job or client.

Each O&M Manual is then built upon the agreed template and a Draft version is issued (usually electronically) for comments and checking. The 'master manual' is then adapted to accomodate the comments and the final documentation printed and / or burnt to disc and delivered.

Levels of Service.

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Level 1: This level involves us taking on as much of the work as possible and only requires the supply of the bare minimum of basic information from our client.
We compile the required documentation from the job specification and procurement schedule leaving our client to get on with what they do best. This option still requires you to supply basic information that is not included in the job spec. This choice works best with M&E Manuals where there is a good quality specification and accurate schedules available at the outset and where you want as littel to do with the production of the Operation and maintenance manuas as possible.

Level 2:(Recommended) This option requires just a little more input from our you and any subcontractors but is often quicker and easier than the top level service because we don't have to rely on a job spec and schedules that have often been changed. Typically, we issue a simple RFI (request for information) to our client and to any subcontractors. We then chase all parties for this information. As these RFIs are completed and returned, we can continue to complete the manuals without pestering anyone else. This is the preferred choice for most jobs and usually provides the best value for money.

Level 3: This follows the same process as Level 2 except that we issue the RFIs to our client and they in turn issue them to the subcontractors. Our client is responsible for gathering the returned, completed templates back from them before doing some basic checking and passing the info onto us for compilation. It means that you are responsible for chasing the subcontractors which often takes up most of the time.
This is great if you want to save money but only if you can afford to spare someone to do the issuing and chasing. But be warned, this option can become a nightmare if our client leaves things too long or doesn't check the content before passing information onto us. This is a good way to save money if you have someone reliable and efficient who can do the job well.

Level 4. Compilation Only Level: Here, we issue our client an O&M Manual template, customised to meet the requirements of the job. He/She then completes it and sends it back to us for final alterations, hyperlinking, branding and conversion to the finished printed and electronic versions. This is good for smaller, more technical jobs where a specialised knowledge of the works is required (in other words, for jobs where we'd have to ask you for so much information that you might as well do it yourself).

Mechanical & Electrical O&M Manuals

We have professional technical authors for writing the technical parts of the M&E O&M Manuals. We offer a full Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual service that means that M&E clients can supply us with the bare minimum of information and have high quality manuals produced with as little fuss as possible.

The M&E O&M Manual service can also include production of the Building Logbook.

Health & Safety Files (H&S Files)

It is often more practical for us to compile the H&S File instead of the CDMC.

If this is required, we use a standard H&S File layout as laid out in the CDM Regs and put this file together along side the O&M Manuals. Typically, there will be a number of references from the H&S File to information within the O&M Manuals, so this is a logical way to do things.