BIM and CDE information sourcing, checking and uploading.


We’ve been producing O&M manuals for 18 years specialising in a personal service and complete and accurate content. Although the O&M side of things is as busy as it has ever been we are extending our service to include the areas of data entry onto CDEs (common data environments) for BIM models and other collaboration or database systems.

We are seeing a growing need for this service because:

  1. We have already been employed directly by companies that run these systems to ensure the information uploaded to their system is complete and accurate.
  2. We are aware of problems where very impressive BIM models are being let down at grass roots level with incorrect or incomplete equipment and materials information being input
  3. We are aware of some subcontractors who will not bid on jobs that have a complicated BIM/CDE data entry requirement due to them not understanding what’s involved or simply viewing it as too much trouble.

In more detail: 

We have no aspirations towards building BIM models from scratch for expensive, new developments but we know we can help out with the more mundane and less impressive data entry end of the BIM spectrum because that is effectively what we’ve been doing to produce O&M manuals for the last 17 years.

We can benefit the following people for the following reasons:

Subcontractors who need to produce and upload information about their works but do not have the time to learn the intricacies of how a new CDE’s requires information to be uploaded or simply have more productive things to do.

Main Contractors who need to ensure that the information relating to their works is added to the CDE properly so that they can complete the job to the client’s requirements.

Clients / Owners. These are the one’s who will be using the BIM model to operate the building once the construction phase is complete. If the model is to function properly and assist in the efficient and cost effective management of the building it needs to be populated with the correct and complete information.

The BIM or CDE company who have supplied the model or system. Clearly a lot of work will have gone into developing their product and the last thing they want is for it to fall down due to poor quality or incomplete data being inputted onto it.

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Price Information & Quotations

Pricing for O&M Manuals / Health & Safety Files and other handover documentation is job specific and takes into account many factors. So, the only sensible way to get an instant quote is to ring us on 01580 240431. We have years of experience and can usually quote almost immediately.

M&E O&M Manuals

We offer a full Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual service that means that M&E clients can supply us with the bare minimum of information and have high quality manuals produced with as little fuss as possible.

The M&E O&M Manual service can also include production of the Building Logbook.

Health & Safety Files

It is often more practical for us to compile the H&S File than the CDMC or Principal Designer.

If this is required, we use a standard H&S File layout as laid out in the CDM Regs and put this file together along side the O&M Manuals. Typically, there will be a number of references from the H&S File to information within the O&M Manuals, so this is a logical way to do things.