Up to 50% Cost Reduction on O&M Manuals Services

When jobs are cancelled or postponed by clients, we are sometimes in the position where we are able to offer our services at a much reduced rate.
But we need to know who’s interested in being informed when this happens because we don’t agree with mass email marketing to our clients or potential clients.


There are times when we are able to offer our services at a considerably reduced cost, but this usually only happens at short notice.

In order to let people know when we can do this we need them to tell us that they’re interested and don’t mind being contacted when these times occur.

If you wish us to let you know when we are offering cut price services, please either ring 01580 240431 and let us know or email info@oandmit.co.uk with ‘Low Cost OM Manuals’ in the subject line along with your name, company and contact details in the text.


It is in the nature of the construction business that sometimes the powers that be find themselves in the position where they have to cancel or delay progress on a job. From our point of view, this leaves whoever is working on the project at a loose end.

It is often possible to give this person work from other staff who are particularly busy, but there are also times when everyone else is happy with the amount of work, in which case it leaves the one with the unexpected free time on their hands wondering what to do.

The obvious thing here is to try to find work for them but the problem is that all this tends to happen pretty quickly and we’re not able to give our clients a decent period of time to work out if they want to employ us.

So. If we’re trying to find work at short notice it would seem that the best clients to look to are either those working on small jobs, possibly subcontractors or those that are nearing completion on larger jobs but where the O&Ms have been forgotten or are behind schedule.

Most of the time we charge more for late notice jobs as it means disruption of existing work and more out of hours work, but if we are in the position above then it makes sense to use the staff member who is now at a loose end even if it means lowering our costs.

How this works for you.

If you want to be informed when we find ourselves in the position to offer a lower price, please let us know by email. Please email info@oandmit.co.uk with subject line “Cut Price O&Ms” and ensure that you list your name, company and any other contact details (eg: Mobile / Landline numbers) in the content. Alternatively, you can just ring 01580 240431 or email any at time in the hope that we can sort something out. There’s nothing to be lost from your point of view and obviously we do not pass on any contact info.