Compact / Budget O&Ms. All the essential info but at a reduced cost

Not all O&M Manuals need to be all singing and dancing. Plenty of clients and owners are happy with a more compact and less costly version.


We have started offering lower cost, more compact O&M manuals for jobs that do not require the a high degree of descriptive detail and specific O&M information.

Typically these documents are between 60%  and 75% of the cost of our standard O&Ms but they can sometimes come in as low as 50%

In more detail:

It became clear that some of the smaller and simpler jobs did not require the same standard of descriptive text and customization as the larger more complicated ones so we introduced a budget / compact O&M manual compilation service.

One client suggested that they didn’t want to pay for a Mercedes O&M when both they and their client only required a serviceable second hand Ford Fiesta version to do what they required.

We considered whether we were compromising our standards by offering this more compact and cheaper option and decided that as long as the essential information still there that we could supply these more compact O&Ms without detracting from the quality.

Types of O&M that are best suited to being delivered in this compact format

Generally, the smaller and less technical jobs are more suited to having their O&Ms produced in this ‘compact’ layout while the more technical and larger jobs are more likely to require our standard more ‘wordy’ manuals.

What are the differences between the compact and full O&M Manuals

Scope of Works section

In our standard service O&Ms the scope of works is a full descriptive narrative that reflects the job spec adapted to account for any changes. It involves quite a lot of work in dissecting the spec, changing the concise version from future to past tense and incorporating any changes.

Our compact version still has a scope of works but it is in bullet point form and simply show the equipment and materials used without pages of description.

Operation and Maintenance Sections

These sections are limited to some generic information giving a basic overview of standard O&M information but relies mostly on referring to the manufacturers literature that is contained in a separate section.

Everything else

  • All other information contained in the O&M is the same as the standard service O&M.
  • All drawings are included and checked to be ‘As Built’ status.
  • All test and commissioning sheets are included and checked to be signed and scanned.
  • All relevant manufacturers literature pertaining to the operation and maintenance of equipment / materials is included
  • All Health and Safety info such as Safety Data Sheets is included as is the usual residual risk section


The problem with this more compact type of O&M Manual is that the client may be expecting something more in line with our standard service / standard.

If this is the case and the compact O&M is rejected, it may be that bringing it up to the standard required may be more expensive than if was done originally to that standard.

It’s up to our clients to make the decision if they want to risk going for the cheaper, compact O&M rather than the standard version and be aware that there will be extra charges if we’re required to adapt it later in the job.

The obvious solution would be to put the suggestion past your client before deciding which option to go with.