Corona Virus and O&M Manual production

Don’t ignore O&M manuals and other handover documentation during these difficult times. They won’t go away and will be a greater nuisance if they’re left too long.

A warning message to anyone who will be requiring O&Ms or other handover documentation and some basic information on how we are dealing with the effect of that pesky pathogen

First, a warning

We’ve been through recessions and hard times before and it always works in three stages:

  1. The crisis starts and gets worse and O&M manuals and other handover documentation get forgotten or just slip down people’s priority lists because clients are firefighting more important issues.
  2. The crisis peaks and slowly subsides. The construction industry goes crazy with jobs coming out of mothballs and postponed projects restarting. Handover documentation is still forgotten as bigger issues are addressed.
  3. Jobs start coming to an end and suddenly someone remembers the O&Ms are required for PC. We receive panicky requests for quotes for jobs finishing very soon. If we can accommodate these rush jobs we usually charge more than usual because they’re always more difficult than those where we have a lot of time and because they require out of hours work. Also there’s the disruption to other work where client have giving us a decent amount of time.

It’s a little like the virus itself. The worst problem is when everything peaks at one time.

So what’s to be learned from the past?

  • Don’t forget about the O&Ms and other handover documentation. Whether you have an in-house solution or use a company like us, allocate adequate personnel, time and financial resources because they are not going to go away.
  • Turn the current situation to your advantage and get a good quote now. In these times of uncertainty, like the rest of the construction industry, we’re seeing jobs being put on hold until the storm blows over so now’s a great time to get a really good price for any work.
  • Don’t complain about high prices if you leave things to the last moment. In the same way that main or subcontractors will charge more for really short turnaround jobs because of the extra hassle and costs involved, we do the same.

Think Ahead!

How we’re  dealing with the effect of the virus

Luckily all our coordinators work from home anyway, so there’s no change in that respect. We’re all for minimising our company carbon footprint so we have always actively employed remote home-based workers.

Since we started in 2005 we have seen a gradual decrease in the number of site meetings that we’re required to attend. The construction industry realises that it’s not necessary for a small works package like ours to visit site when our work doesn’t require us to do so. So, this means that we can completely isolate ourselves and continue to work as normal.

So, really, the way we work and the changes in the way the industry thinks of handover documentation has meant that we’re isolated from the other parts of the industry which is indeed very fortunate considering the current Covid-19 problems.