As little as possible.

We will ask you for the basic initial information in order for us to get started, but once we have this we prefer to take as much control as possible over the documentation production process. This is because O&M Manuals and other handover documentation are/is usually quite low down on people’s priority lists, so working on then can often get forgotten or postponed.

This is not the case for us. We have a business producing O&M Manuals and other documentation, so that’s the most important thing to us.

We keep a record of work done, what’s outstanding and what information has been requested from who, and on what date.

This depends upon many factors and there’s no easy answer.

We’ve done some very small O&Ms for a couple of hundred pounds, but have also charged many tens of thousands of pounds for very large, complicated or awkward jobs.

The best way to get an idea of cost is by talking to us. We can usually give an indication of the price over the phone for simpler projects, or back get back you quickly for those that require a deeper look.

Otherwise, there’s more information on our Prices page

We will rectify any problems with the documentation.

If changes are minimal there will usually be no charge, but if they’re major and due to us not having been given the correct information, then we will likely charge for the extra works at our hourly rate.

For Principal Contractor jobs we contact each installer / subcontractor and issue them with a template, listing the information that we require from them.

For Mechanical and Electrical jobs we are usually employed to write the O&M Manual from various sources of information like the job spec, technical submissions, equipment schedules or procurement schedules.

This all depends upon the job, so you’ll need to get in contact and describe the works. We have turned some O&Ms around in a couple of hours and have been working on others for two or more years.

Very simply, as much as possible.

All too often O&Ms and handover documentation get forgotten and then there’s a mad rush as handover approaches.

These jobs are often troublesome and time consuming so we charge more for them.

Really, you should get in contact with us at your tender / bid stage and get an idea of the cost from us to include in your budget.

If you do this, we will contact you periodically to see if you’ve won the job and to make sure that the O&Ms etc are not forgotten.

This is the cheapest and easiest way of passing the handover documentation process onto someone else to oversee at the earliest opportunity.

There is usually some mention of the client’s O&M requirements in the job spec, so that’s where we usually look if nothing has been stated elsewhere.

If there’s nothing in the spec, we have a selection of O&M Manual, Health & Safety File, Home User Guide and Building User Guide templates for different types and sizes of jobs.

We can suggest which one we think best applies to a certain project. Then either you or (with your agreement) ourselves can contact your client to ensure that the proposed layout meets their requirements.

We will inform all parties who are supplying us with information what format this is to be submitted in. Generally, though, we’re not fussy and we are very used to converting information from one format to another, so that the end product documents are consistent and easy to use.