Operation and Maintenance Manual and Other Templates.

We have often been asked for templates for O&M Manuals and other documentation. Often, these requests have come from subcontractors who have not been asked for such things in the past but who are now finding that they need to produce them as part of their works. Also, some main contractors just want to have a standard company O&M layout that they can use when their clients need O&Ms but don’t state that they should be done a certain way.

We are happy to donate our templates to others so there are some example templates that you can download below, but . . . .  And this is important.

****  Please read the following notes before using any of the templates below: ****

  1. You should check if your client has their own template before using one of ours. Often, this will be stipulated in the job specification. If they have, you should use theirs or at least ask them if you can use an alternative layout. We suggest that you get their responses documented on email in case there are any problems later.
  2. The examples below have worked well for us but you should check them to ensure that they’re fit for purpose with respect to your works and the eventual use of materials, plant and equipment that you are using / installing. An O&M for a nuclear reactor will require more detail and different information than one for a simple decoration job.
  3. Legislation relating to handover documentation can change at any time.  You should check that if there are any standards that need to be adhered to that any templates you choose to use meet those standards. We will not be checking all possible applicable standards and changing the below templates accordingly so there is a chance that they may be out of date.
  4. The MS Word document templates below use relatively advanced features such as Bookmarks, Field Codes, Tables of Contents (TOCs) and internal and external hyperlinks. If you  are not familiar with these you may want to copy and paste the text only because the documents can update the content depending upon what’s been added which may cause problems.
  5. The below templates are designed to be used as electronic files with hyperlinks which are used to open associated information such as manufacturers literature, test and commissioning data and drawings. So, if printable or single electronic file versions are required the text O&Ms and associated information will need to be combined and converted to large pdf files. This is a reasonably laborious process. It helps if you bear this in mind from the start.
  6. The templates contain generic information that may or may not apply to each job. You will need to remove information that is not applicable and change / add to the the text that is relevant. Few things are less impressive than a document that is clearly a generic template that has had very little effort put into it to change it to reflect a specific job.


    • Standard set of Main Contractor templates. This consists of 4 x O&M Files.  Introduction and User Guide, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical
    • Mechanical Installation O&M Manual
    • Electrical Installation O&M Manual
    • Smaller Architectural Contractor O&M Manual
    • Health and Safety File
    • Home User Guide
    • Building User Guide