Training / Consultancy

We have started helping clients in their efforts to set up in-house O&M Manual systems and procedures. Because of our specialist knowledge of O&M Manuals and all the various problems and fixes associated with them, some clients employ us to help them with their own O&M Manual systems.

O&M Training

Database Uploading

Increasingly, clients are requesting that the O&M Manual or O&M manuals are uploaded onto a database system. This is not always an easy task, with some systems requiring certain file types, exact formatting, file naming conventions etc.

We are used to working with these systems and now offer this service to main and subcontractors who are too busy to spend hours working out what is required


Conversion of paper O&M manuals to electronic format and rebuilding and fixing old incomplete O&Ms

Ageing existing O&M manuals take up space and deteriorate with time. We can scan old paper documents and issue them electronically on CD, DVD, memory stick or store them online. Whatever format you choose, they are future proof and will save storage space and the environment.

Or, if your O&M documentation is out of date, incomplete or generally not up to scratch we can assess it and rebuild it to form a functioning, up to date version.

Things to do before going down this route are:

  1. Decide if you only want a basic manual to cover the main, mostly M&E items of maintainable plant and equipment or do you want a comprehensive record of the entire building including details of less important (maintenance-wise) items like paint and carpets. A list of items to be included should be produced at this stage.
  2. Decide if you or your client require up to date drawings of the main M&E installation or whether you can get along without them. Will schematics suffice?
  3. If there’s a FM company already maintaining the building, see if they have a list of the main items as this could potentially save a lot of time and effort.
  4. Gather together existing drawings and O&M information. Estimate the total number of pages and drawings (this is so that we can get an idea of the cost if we need to scan everything).
  5. Get the FM company to check whether the existing drawings are accurate and usable.
Digital O&M

Online, web-accessible O&M Manuals

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Web Accesible O&M