O&M Manuals – don’t think that once you’ve achieved handover that you’ve necessarily seen the last of them

Professional O&M Manual Compilers, O&M I.T. Ltd were interested to hear from a client who had to pay a considerable amount of compensation to one of their clients due to an incomplete O&M Manual that omitted some important maintenance information for a pool.

As a result of the incomplete O&M Manual, irreparable damage was done to part of the pool construction necessitating comprehensive repair work and loss of use. All this cost the original contractor a sum that was into 6 figures in compensation.

The interesting point here is that although the O&M Manuals were accepted and signed for at handover, the contractor was still liable for their shortcomings. Now, we are not legal experts so don’t know the ins and outs of how the blame was apportioned but it does highlight the importance of getting the O&M Manuals correct first time.

Also, this case relates to damage to the materials and equipment installed. Had the incomplete O&M Manual’s led to personal injury or worse, the implications are considerably more serious.

All in all it comes down to one simple answer. Whether you farm the O&M Manuals out to a specialist compiler or allocate internal resources to their compilation, it pays to do them properly.

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