O&M I.T.Ltd -Service Information/ Terms and Conditions


O&M I.T. Ltd produce high quality printable pdf and electronic (CD or DVD) Operation and Maintenance manuals, Health & Safety Files, Building User Guides, Homeowner Manuals and other handover documentation featuring agreed client branding. 

The electronic versions run automatically showing a navigation screen and instructions for ease of use. The discs and cases are also printed with agreed client branding. 


1. Production of Operation and Maintenance Manual(s) and, if agreed in the quote, the Health and Safety File and other documents based on the template agreed upon after consultation with our client or our client’s client. These documents are produced in electronic format only unless agreed in advance. 

We compile information on materials and equipment that may be considered assets and that will require maintenance, operation or cleaning. This is achieved via the following processes: 

Gathering the required information from subcontractors and other parties. This includes: 

1. Issuing them with a template to be filled in and returned. Subcontractors are expected to complete the templates issued to them and not submit information in their own format. 

Note: If it is agreed that you (our client) will gather this information then we will issue you with templates that you then issue to the subcontractors. 

2. Chasing all parties for the completed template and associated files. 

Note: If it is agreed that you (our client) will gather this information then you chase them for completed templates and associated information, check this information for accuracy and forward onto ourselves 

3. Compiling and collating of the information received back on completed templates. 

4. Conversion to printable and electronic (CD or DVD) manuals. 

Production of one draft manual in a basic .pdf format for viewing in electronic format, not for printing. Any further copies issued are chargeable as stipulated in our extra services listed below. 

Adaptation of original draft manual to accommodate one set of compiled comments. 

Production of one final version in pdf format (for printing if required with accompanying print instructions). 

Liaising with the printers as required ensuring successful printing. 

Production and issue of up to 2 x CD / DVD versions of the documentation. 

We provide a basic checking service to ensure that drawings are correct issue and test and commissioning sheets are scanned versions of signed copies. We do not change technical content. 

In the case of producing a Building User Guide from an existing O&M done by others, we extract the information required and compile the BUG from it and from other information obtained from the client and other sources. It is assumed that the existing O&M is of a good workable standard. 


Note: Some of these services can be arranged if required (see “Extra Services Rates” below): 

  • Design work to construct the initial template to the customer’s needs (once this has been done there should be no further charges on subsequent jobs using the same design). 
  • Any responsibility for the accuracy of the content of the manuals. We only compile and collate information from others. 



  • Extra work incurred as a result of substantial deviation from the agreed O&M Manual layout. This includes instances where one client manual layout is subsequently replaced by another. This work will be charged at our day rate. 
  • Extra work resulting from an increase in the number of subcontractors / works packages from the number originally quoted for. 
  • Printing costs – (because costs vary hugely depending upon quality of paper, colour / Black & White, number of copies, number of volumes per manual etc etc). In the event that printing costs are included within our costing, it is assumed that printing will be in black & white except for covers and spines which will be in colour. Pricing will include 1 x printed copy unless stated otherwise. It is also assumed that drawings will be in A3 and black & white. 
  • Technical writing services (see “Extra Services Rates” below). 
  • Gathering of information relating to the component parts or materials of larger items or non-Operation, Maintenance or Health and Safety information such as chain of custody info. 
  • Conversion of subcontractor information not received on the agreed template layout. Extra work to be charged at day rate. 
  • Checking, scanning or conversion of printed manuals. All received content is expected in electronic format. 
  • Copying or retyping of manufacturer’s literature to be included within the main text of the manual. 
  • Editing / précising of manufacturer’s literature. 
  • Site visits (see “Extra Services Rates” below). 
  • Corrections to manuals as a result of out of date or inaccurate information received from our clients or subcontractors acting for them. Extra work is charged at our day rate. 
  • Changes resulting from late or multiple comments. We allow for one set of comments. If more comments follow the original set, requiring more changes that could have been completed at the first comment stage then extra charges at our day rate will apply. 
  • Changes required to be made to any documentation that has already been issued in it’s final printed format. 
  • Extra work resulting from deadlines that are changed at short notice. 
  • Extra works incurred as a result of our client or their subcontractors not returning the required information or returning it later than the date requested by us. The majority of the information can be sent early with only the last minute information to follow on later. If subcontractors do not produce the required information in the required time, the task of producing the outstanding information falls to the main contractor. Note: If it is agreed that you (our client) will gather information from all parties then extra works resulting these last two points will still apply 
  •  Issue of more than one draft set of documentation 
  • Issue of printed draft documentation. (All draft docs to be in electronic format). 
  • Where we are providing a service where our client gathers all information and forwards it to us, the files that are sent must be named so that it is clear to what it refers. Extra charges will apply for time spent trying to allocate ambiguously named files to certain items of equipment or materials. 


1. Confirmation of order. When our quotation is accepted, we require confirmation of your intention to engage us, firstly by means of a phone call or email (so that we can get start work as early as possible) and then by means of an official order. 

2. Initial information such as start and finish dates, project name, site address, subcontractor directory, your client representative contact details and /or CDMC contact details. This information is to be supplied promptly. If we are kept waiting, unable to start work, wasted time will be charged for. 

3. Introduction to your subcontractors. Ensure that your subcontractors are aware that we are compiling the manuals on your behalf. 

4. Your support. During the process of compiling the manual we request information from yourselves and/or your subcontractors and if applicable their subcontractors. If this information is not forthcoming, we require that you become involved to put pressure on them to deliver. This is because you are in a better position to obtain the required information because you are employing them. This is only required if they ignore our requests. 

5. Notification of Changes. Changes in the scope of works and / or the subcontractor directory will need to be incorporated into the manuals / files. 


1. Normal Day rate: £350 per day. Minimum charge is ½ day. 

2. Extra Subcontractors: If there are more subcontractors than originally quoted for then clients will be charged accordingly. Cost depends upon job and subcontractor. 

3. Late information charges: If we are unable to proceed with compiling documents due to our client not providing available information promptly there will be extra charges based on a percentage of the job cost and the degree of delay. This will be calculated per job and agreed with the client before being charged. 

4. Site visits: £350 per day or any part of a day plus travel and, if required, accommodation costs. 

5. Additional printing costs: As charged by the third party printer plus 25% admin charge. 

6. Additional CDs / DVDs: £40 per disc. 

7. Mechanical / Electrical Technical Writing services can be provided but will be priced according to the job. 

8. Printed draft manuals. If these are required instead of, or as well as the normal pdf format then the ‘additional printing costs’ above applies along with a day rate charge that will depend upon the size of the manual. 

9. Costs incurred whilst attempting to obtain payment for overdue invoices. These may be third party costs or our own. 

10. In the case of compiling a Building User Guide from an existing badly organised or incomplete O&M Manual done by others, there will be extra charges calculated on day rate. 

11. Repetitive failure to provide information requested. To be calculated on a job by job basis. These charges will increase as time progresses. 


Our usual terms are either a 2 phase payment. 70% on delivery of draft manual with the balance on issue of the final manual or 40% at start, 30% at draft and 30% at handover, but we may change this agreement at quote stage. 

In each case, invoices are to be paid within 30 days of issue. Subsequent stages of the manual issues may be delayed if payment from the previous stage is not received within this period. 

Please note: We are a member of the Credit Protection Association (CPA) to assist with our credit control. Clients who do not pay on time are automatically referred to the CPA. 

Payment of our final invoice indicates our client’s full acceptance of all the documentation we have produced for the job concerned.