Doing our bit

We try hard to minimise printed Operation and Maintenance Manuals. We can see no reason why hundreds of pages of paper need to be produced when a single disc will do the job just as well. We have even developed an online archive store of manuals as an added incentive to clients to avoid printing (online backup reduces the argument for printed backup in the event of on site electronic manuals being lost or destroyed).

We’re also very proud of the fact that we are able to compile these manuals remotely. We have people working in rural Wales, France and the Pyrenees. Plus, local office-based workers also regularly use remote connections to work on the office server. All this amounts to reducing our overall carbon footprint and hopefully goes a little way to helping save a bit of the planet.

Helping out in the bigger scheme of things

Climate change and eco footprints are genuinely important to us and so was getting the correct advice on this matter. Luckily, O&M I.T. Ltd have an Environmentalist as a close friend so we turned to him for advice.

Upon looking at our various options, we agreed that stopping the cutting down of the rainforests was probably better than planting new ones!

CoolEarth came out top with us

The Peruvian Amazon is experiencing rapid deforestation. As you read, illegal loggers are devastating the rainforest resources of many tribal communities. Cool Earth’s project with the Ashaninka tribe at Cutivireni prevents loggers from entering the community’s forests and the neighbouring Ashaninka Communal Reserve which form a buffer zone for Otishi National Park. In collaboration with our local partners Ecotribal, the Ashaninka chiefs at Cutivireni have offered their land for sponsorship through Cool Earth, allowing them to keep their forests intact and continue to live sustainably from their own land.

This Cool Earth project protects endemic species and ecosystems of high biological value. Ashaninka forests abound in wildlife, including high numbers of macaws, toucans, many humming birds, spectacled bears, several monkey species, tapir, anteaters and big cats. The project area helps protect an international rainforest corridor protecting rare and diverse habitats ranging across Peru and Bolivia.

Therefore we are proud to say that we have made a donation and bought a couple of acres of the Ashaninka Rainforest and will continue to do so each year.